5 Ways To Keep Skin Young In Winter

Once the weather gets colder, your skin begins to get tight, dry, dull, irritated and itchy. In summer, humidity in air offers moisturizer to your skin but in winter cold winds suck the moisture from the air and lack of necessary vitamins causes great skin related issues. Those who are living in colder places have to face ruthless winter wind, which forces them to detain themselves into their houses for longer periods. The low humidity level in the air, necessary to keep your skin healthy, shiny and fresh, sucks the natural oils which lead to dehydration.

When you go outside of your house, you have to face harsh weather. When you come inside your house, you have to stay near to the heating spots. Both of these conditions demand you to take extra care of your skin. If you follow these top four winter skin care tips, you can easily spend your winter days with no issues at all.

Use Humidifier

If you use a humidifier, it will help you to increase the level of moisture into the air which will result in a less dry skin. Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night to decrease the dryness and heating effects. But before using a humidifier, it is essential for you to clearly understand the instructions given in the booklet.

Take Warm Shower

No doubt taking hot shower in winter days appears to be quite romantic and relaxing, but something that you should know about that hot bath is that the one who want to stay in a bathtub full of hot water or take shower for more than the time, one needs to wash and clean himself is more prone to develop skin dryness, irritation & other winter allergies. However, there is a natural remedy which can offer your skin with protection from hot bathing side effects. Mixing 1-2 cups of baking soda in the water will help you in battling with skin dryness.

Drink Sufficient Amount Of Water

If you are in cold and breezy winter days, you don’t often feel thirsty but it does not mean that you should reduce the amount of drinking water. If you do so, you are going to dehydrate your body and. Water is essential for your body and drinking sufficient amount of water every day will keep your skin vigorous and shiny.

Keep Moving

Colder weather results in poor blood circulation on your skin, which means that it doesn’t get as many nutrients and oxygen as it requires. This leads to pale, dull, lifeless-looking skin. Keeping active with regular exercise makes your skin glowing as it gets much-needed nutrients. The feel-good hormones you get from workout also keeps stress levels down, which in turn helps in keep you beautifully free from blemish.

Take Care Of Your Hands & Feet

Hands and feet are the most ignored body organs, which are often left uncovered on winter winds and when you rinse them with cold water during the day, it makes them even drier. You should know that they also require being taken care as much as other parts of your body. Whenever you wash your hands and feet during the day, cover them with gloves and socks after applying skin care cream on them.

On the other hand, skin care products are gaining momentum and becoming increasingly popular among people concerned about their skins. Skin care products range from moisturizers, intense acne treatments to anti-aging regimens. The wide range of available products help in fighting and delay several natural processes such as acne, wrinkling, and fine lines.

Applying anti aging skin care products topically on the skin can give you desired results. You can try NaturaCel Skin Cream, an anti-wrinkle cream that reduces and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without experiencing side effects like with Botox or other artificial treatments.

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