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Advanced Diet Tips For Skin Care

It may surprise you, but a proper diet is essential for maintaining good skin health. Signs of poor skin health are often caused by lack of production of two essential structural proteins, Collagen and Elastin. These two proteins are responsible for the proper structure of skin, i.e., firmness and elasticity. Also, a layer of fat present under our skin also starts diminishing. This causes our skin to lose smoothness, become dry and scaly. The dry skin develops cracks, which turn into wrinkles and fine lines in time. The production of these necessary enzymes depends upon vitamins, too.

Let us learn about some diet tips which will help you regain youthful skin.


No, eating protein will not make you look like a body builder. Proteins are very much essential for skin, hair, and nails. Collagen and elastin, two most important factors for optimum skin care, are proteins too. Enhancing collagen and elastin production will depend upon how much protein you consume. Remember to drink plenty of water, which will help you in digesting protein as well as keep your skin well hydrated.


Vitamins are essential for regulating important enzymes and hormones which make our skin look healthy and keep our immune system steady. Vitamins, especially B and C, are very good when it comes to skin health, and should be consumed on a regular basis. The best part of vitamins is, if you over consume them, they don’t cause any harm but see themselves out through urine.

If you want faster results, maintain a proper diet and complement it with a good exercise program. Exercise will help regulate hormones, reduce unhealthy fat storage, increase blood circulation and all this will help you achieve a lean and young look.


There is a layer of fat under the epidermis, which is responsible for making our skin look smooth and bouncy. It also keeps our skin well hydrated and fights wrinkles, inflammation and fine lines. But wait, just because fat is healthy to our skin, don’t start consuming junk food. Only healthy fat like Omega 3 or Omega 6 fatty acids is good for our health and skin. These can be found in fish, fish oil capsules and in a good skin care product.

What You Should Avoid:

You should avoid junk food, smoking, and alcohol consumption as much as you can. Junk food contains nothing but calories which will make you gain weight and deposit extra fat in your face. Smoking causes skin irritation, dryness and interferes with your hormone production. Similarly, alcohol interferes with hormones, digestion and causes eater retention. Water retention is known to cause skin problems like dryness and also causes hair loss and poor nail texture. Also, avoiding late night work and movies will also help you in your battle against aging skin.

For faster results, consider using a skin care product like NaturaCel Skin Cream. Not only will NaturaCel Skin Cream help you regain optimum skin health; it will also help you maintain it. As NaturaCel Cream contains natural ingredients, it will not cause any side effects.

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