Dark Circles And Puffy Under-Eyes: Get Rid Of Them!

Are you suffering from dark eyes and puffy under eyes? Well, you are one among many. The reduced number of skin cells and bleeding of blood cells are responsible for poor skin texture around eyes. The skin around is very delicate, which makes it all the more difficult to care for it. Damage to the skin around eyes is caused when the number of skin cells reduces, causing the skin to become thin and transparent. Transparent skin allows light to pass through, which reaches the capillaries and veins, giving our eyes a dark circular boundary.

If you want to remedy these skin condition and improve skin health, there are some serious lifestyle changes you are going to have to make.  First of all, limit smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking has adverse effects (aesthetic wise) like black lips, yellow teeth, and redness in eyes, along with health side effects we all know. Alcohol consumption interferes with your hormone secretion and regulation, further deteriorating skin conditions. Alcohol also causes water retention, which is known to be detrimental to skin, making it look dry and rough.


Exercise and diet are a must if you want to start regaining skin health and maintain it for a long time. Exercise will not only help in keeping those extra pounds way but also eliminate toxins from your skin to keep it rejuvenated and healthy. Regular exercise will also help set balance to hormonal secretion and regulation. Diet cannot be stressed enough either. Consumption of healthy, wholesome food will ensure proper nutrients reach required places in ample amount and on time.  Include healthy fats too, they will help you restore the fat layer underneath the skin to make it look smooth and bouncy.

How To Choose?

When it comes to choosing methods for skin care, don’t be hasty. Do proper research and find out as much as you can before choosing the method which you think will suit you better. For example, plastic surgery, grafting, and Botox are in trend now and are hailed as the perfect skin care methods. Although their effects are immediate, they require quite complicated pre and post-surgery care. Even though they are much expensive, they do have their share of side effects. More often than not, these side effects are either irreversible or long-term. Benefits from methods like Botox fade in a couple of months and their effect reduces with frequent usage.

The best bet is always with using natural ingredients. There are two ways you can use natural ingredients. One is, using the in home remedies, which work without causing any side effects. But, home remedies are really cumbersome, taking up all your time and effort and results are quite slow.

Some skin care products have formulated a concoction, in which natural ingredients are used in a high, but safe concentration, which speeds up the skin repair capabilities of the natural ingredients, without causing any side effects.

One such skin care product is NaturaCel Skin Cream, which has an exclusive formula which helps in speedy recovery of skin in a very safe way. NaturaCel Skin Cream has high-quality natural ingredients which are clinically tested for maximum efficiency and are trusted by a huge user base. NaturaCel Cream will most definitely help you in regaining and maintaining skin health, in a very short time.

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