Tips For Sensitive Skin

When a person says that he/she has a sensitive skin, it means that the skin is liable to allergic reactions. It can be allergic to certain products, foods or even the weather. As a result of the allergy, the skin can become irritated, red, itchy or swollen.

There are many aspects that can trigger allergic reactions to a sensitive skin. Soaps, shampoo, perfume, cleansers, toners, facial masks, foundation, after shave lotion, hair spray, detergent, fabric softeners and other home-made cleaning products can all contribute to the skin allergies.

Hence, indicating what causes skin allergies may not be easy, as it may take hours or even days for the sensitive skin to exhibit the signs of allergy. Some people are only allergic to the hot weather and exposure to sun, while others show symptoms of allergic reactions after consuming certain foods.

Sensitive skin can also build up due to excessive sun exposure. You will be likely to have sensitive skin if your skin was spoiled due to excessive exposure to sunlight. This is one reason why some people who normally doesn’t have sensitive skin develop skin sensitivity during the winter months.

If you have a sensitive skin, you should consider below points in order to care for your sensitive skin.

  1. Visit a dermatologist to check if you have eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. Eczema is one of the most widespread skin problems for children. It is a condition of the extra-sensitive and dry skin.
  2. Avoid taking products that contain alcohol, fragrances, ethanol, antibacterial, botanicals and propylene glycol. Ensure that you read the product labels to find out the ingredients. All these ingredients are known as general skin irritants.
  3. See the ingredients of the facial products before applying to your face. Apply few behind your ears for 5 days. If there’s no reaction, apply besides eyes for another 4-5 days. If there are no sign of allergic reactions that means the product is safe for your skin.
  4. Select natural fabrics for washcloths and pillowcases; they are safer to use and feel much better. Use 100% cotton, linen, or even silk. Keep yourself away from synthetic fabrics that are made from Polyester or Rayon.
  5. Consume a balanced diet to make sure that your skin gets the necessary nutrients, drink plenty of water and exercise on a daily basis.
  6. Always apply sunscreen when going out and keep your skin moist.
  7. Use a gentle cleanser and gently clean your face twice daily. Stay away from harsh and rough exfoliating products.

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